About me

I'm a coder by heart and an organizational hacker by passion.

As a software craftsman I help [distributed] teams to develop great software and enjoy the process, using my 19+ years of experience working as a software developer, consultant, coach, mentor, and founder.

I develop software mainly in JavaScript and consider myself to be a backend developer and a full-stack literate. I focus my work on building teams that build software which is both robust and quickly to adapt to new requirements while keeping it joyful to work on it.

My professional career has been greatly influenced by taking an active role in communities, whether as a participant, contributor, initiator, or speaker. I especially enjoy the diverse and deep discussion of the Software Craftsmanship Community.

I'm also very fond my work as the CTO for the dotHIV initiative, which until today I support as a member of the charitable organization.

I live in Offenbach, next to Frankfurt (Germany), and work at the only real coworking space in Frankfurt: Die Zentrale. You are invited to visit me for a coffee there!

I've been working remotely for 7+ years now, which enables me to travel a lot, preferably going on a camping trip with our Caravan around Europe.