Give your dots to dotHIV

December 1st is World AIDS Day and we have prepared something for your homepage which will support our cause in an unobtrusive and witty way: turn the fullstops of your page into pink dots.

Our friends from SinnerSchrader built a script which once integrated into your site will color a random amount of dots inside your text elements on the page in pink. If a user clicks on a dot, a little popup will show up with a short info text and a link to You'll find some of those pink dots in this text, too.

Head over to to download the script. They even built a configurator to adapt the script to your needs. Afterwards you need to add it to your websites source code, just before the </body> tag. Make sure to test it–as with all software there might be bugs.

As always with our projects at dotHIV the source code is available at GitHub.

Please let me know in the comments or by your preferred means of communication once you've got the script running.

Thank your for supporting dotHIV!