Six months into my job as the CTO at Fintura I quit

Mid-October I handed in my resignation which put and end to one of the most miserable work experiences I had in my entire career. If you read through the post that I've written after the first month working there you will find me struggling with explaining my idea and values. One of the decisive factors was that I could not find support for my vision of what makes a great place to work.

But in every bad experience there are still things to learn. In no particular order, these were:

  • culture: I only want to work with a CEO that I have genuine sympathy for
  • values: I need to put more effort into making sure that our goals align (go read The Big Five for Life) and happiness (or joy is a core value)
  • freedom: I work remotely from day one

Still today I'm struggling with the experiences I made last year. I lost a fair share of trust in people but gained a lot of confidence that the way I lead is very well received. I cannot but look forward to the next twelve months.