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As a freelance software craftsman I help distributed teams to develop great software and enjoy the process.

Markus Tacker

About me

I'm a coder by heart and an organizational hacker by passion.

As a freelance software craftsman I help distributed teams to develop great software and enjoy the process, using my 19+ years of experience working as a software developer, consultant, coach, mentor, and founder.

I develop software mainly in JavaScript and consider myself to be a backend developer and a full-stack literate. I focus my work on building teams that build software which is both robust and quickly to adapt to new requirements while keeping it joyful to work on it.

My professional career has been greatly influenced by taking an active role in communities, whether as a participant, contributor, initiator, or speaker. I especially enjoy the diverse and deep discussion of the Software Craftsmanship Community.

I'm also very fond my work as the CTO for the dotHIV initiative, which until today I support as a member of the charitable organization.

I live in Offenbach, next to Frankfurt (Germany), and work at the only real coworking space in Frankfurt: Die Zentrale. You are invited to visit me for a coffee there!

I've been working remotely for 7+ years now, which enables me to travel a lot, preferably going on a camping trip with our Caravan around Europe.


I blog at about leadership, organizational development and software craftsmanship.


I am available for speaking engagements! Just contact me if you feel I can contribute to your event or conference.


Motivating developers with purposeful work
Video, Slides, Topconf Linz 2017,
Tools + Tipps für Freelancer und Selbständige
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Code is not Poetry
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Keynote: Wie man ein Top-Down Unternehmen in eine Netzwerk-Organisation wandelt (German)
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Automating library releases and dependency management in JavaScript
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Introducing: Prototype Fund— the incubator for open source and civic hacking projects by betterplace lab, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland
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Was Startups von Konzernen lernen können (German)
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ART Expert Talk: Agil Arbeiten in verteilten Teams (German)
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unKonf Mannheim
Using make in frontend projects
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BDD End-to-end Browser-Testing mit Node.js
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Slides, unKonf Mannheim
There is no half-remote team
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There is no half-remote team (German)
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Code is not Poetry (German)
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Software Development Process at Fintura
Coding Night Frankfurt
Tech Stack at Fintura
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dotHIV (German)
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#futureofwork in the wild (German)
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Trello (German)
Video, Slides, Webmontag Offenbach
.riesengeschäft und .geldmacherei? Wie der @dotHIV e.V. den #newgTLDs ihre Daseinsberechtigung gibt (German)
Slides, Webmontag Offenbach


Cloud Worker (German)
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Mein Traum - Mein Startup (German)
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Warum Offenbach einen Webmontag braucht (German)
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#ugrm – UserGroups RheinMain. Ein Überblick über die Szene (German)
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Coworking Szene RheinMain (German)
Slides, Webmontag Frankfurt
RESTful APIs mit Django (German)
Slides, Python UserGroup RheinMain


I'm constantly trying to improve the community I am part of. Over the years I've helped at and initiated these events.

RheinMain Tech Cabal
In 2017 I organized and hosted an invite-only event for tech people that aims to provide a safe space to engage in deep conversations.
In 2015 I initated an invite only breakfast club for tech-leads in the RheinMain area called #techleadsffm. We are currently 20 members and meeting roughly every month.
BarCamp RheinMain
From 2013 to 2016 I was in charge of the homepage and ran the registration and the check-in during the event and developed a custom event management software which enables participants to complete the check-in within a few seconds.
Leancamp Frankfurt
In 2016 I helped to organize two LeanCamp events in Frankfurt.
Augenhöhe Camp
In 2016 I helped organize the Augenhöhe Camp Frankfurt.
Webmontag Offenbach
This event was born out of the idea that the digital scene in my hometown Offenbach needed its own place to connect. From 2013 to 2015 I organized and hosted 12 events, which were inspired by Frankfurt's Webmontag.
In 2013 I co-organized two invite only startup events, where 15 people worked on startup ideas.
Founders table Frankfurt/RheinMain
In 2012 I co-founded the founders table Frankfurt/RheinMain to provide a continuous meeting point for the start-ups and future founders in our region which I co-organized until 2013. It's still active and the biggest meetup group in the region.
Startup Weekend RheinMain 2014
At the second Startup Weekend in the RheinMain region I helped the teams as a coach and supported them throughout the weekend to create an compelling pitch for their ideas.
Webmontag Frankfurt
Once in a while I helped with the check-in at one of Frankfurt's oldest tech events.
Python Usergroup RheinMain
I initated the Python Usergroup RheinMain (PyUGRM) in 2012 and organized 7 events until 2013. It is still active until today.
TEDx RheinMain
In 2012 and 2013 I helped organize the TEDxRheinMain. My role included on-location event registration and general support.

Markus Tacker
Media Computer Scientist (B.Sc.)
Freelance Software Craftsman

You can write me encrypted emails via Tutanota

I cowork at
Die Zentrale Coworking
Berger Str. 175
60385 Frankfurt

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