Exploring better ways to write tests

In my talk Exploring better ways to write tests that I gave at this year's Nordic Testing Days 2023 in Tallinn, I discussed my journey from feeling dissatisfied with testing tools to creating my own test runner. My goal of this talk was to inspire others to explore and customize their tools rather than settling for the default options available.

For quite some time I have been working on cloud-based software system for IoT devices. Initially, I used Gherkin for writing tests, but I encountered limitations in expressing complex scenarios, dependencies, and handling eventual consistency in cloud-based services. Let me explain how I began using Gherkin and describe its format and keywords (given, when, then).

Facing challenges with Gherkin for my specific needs, I ran into issues with expressing dependencies between features, directly embedding JSON in feature files, managing eventual consistency problems, and dealing with context-dependent scenarios. I also realized that I needed better documentation beyond just tests. To address these issues, I decided to build my own custom test runner, a process that took me three years to develop. The key improvement was adopting Markdown for better formatting, hierarchical structure, code blocks, and comments. I introduced the "soon" keyword to handle eventual consistency in tests. Additionally, I utilized GitHub actions to summarize test results in a more user-friendly format.

I also talked about the struggles I faced with architecture diagrams and their maintenance. Auto-generated diagrams fell short, prompting me to explore the concept of using test traces and observability to dynamically generate architecture diagrams based on test runs. This approach would allow for more focused and informative diagrams linked directly to actual usage.

In conclusion, I encouraged others to create tools tailored to their own needs. I believe that developing personalized solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and understanding in both testing and development workflows.

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