Week 33 of 2017

❤️.of(code) // 001

Celebrating 2,000 followers on @coderbyheart I decided to sum up my week on Twitter from now on every weekend.

Quote of the week

Software Craft

We decided to drop the "Middleman" in "Softwarecraftsmanship":

and take a stand against sexists within our community:


Franziska writes on V8's bytecode:

A new official Node.js API for headless Chrome appeared:

I made a finger disco:

React (and other open-source projects by Facebook) will keep the patent clause in their license:


Contentful changed it's pricing model, which is great, because I use it to build this website:

Bootstrap next major release is getting closer:

Tricks for the Chrome Developer tools:


On hiring women for tech roles:

On Code of Conducts:

Why Code of Conducts are important:

I made a list of women in civic tech:

🎧 Listening to

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