Week 34 of 2017

❤️.of(code) // 002

Celebrating 2,000 followers on @coderbyheart I decided to sum up my week on Twitter from now on every weekend.

Tech 🚀

You can go to jail if you just follow the orders your managers gives you:

Facebook is fucking disgusting:

Benjamin (a super awesome coffe-to-code organism) has created a GitHub repo where you can ask him questions:

JavaScript 🛠

Dudes behaving like assholes will make contributors turn away, that's why there is now a Node.js fork:

It matters which behaviour you accept withing you community, because:

I've learned to appreciate async/await for this reason:

Web 🌍

Learn how CSS is implemented in CSS (and why Rust is great for that):

Diversity 🌈

Don't be shy, your will be senior in no time:


Railsgirls released a report on the impact of their initiative:

Conferences 💡

I'm sponsoring a diversity ticket here, so please apply also to RuhrJS (October 14th+15th 2017):

Listening to 🎧

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