Week 36 of 2017

❤️.of(code) // 004

Celebrating 2,000 followers on @coderbyheart I decided to sum up my week on Twitter from now on every weekend.

Tech 🚀

git merge and git rebased lovely explained with cats:

There is a new place to find Software Craft Communities around the world:

Don't pretend, you haven't:

I needed to install Java this week:

Yes, please do and own your data!

Germany uses software to count votes, that makes Windows XP look like a marvelous piece of software:

If you don't like Firma Fira Code, then checkout these alternative fonts for writing c0d3:

Some good thoughts on code coverage:

JavaScript 🛠

Finally, you can just pass through arbitrary attributes to DOM elements in React 16:

React license is still in the top 10 this week:

Diversity 🌈

Don't take it personal, but accept that you (as a white CIS male) are part of the problem:


One action could be, to support your local RailsGirls chapter:

Samsung took a dump on diversity:

And this is a proper response:


A (german) read on how DB Systel is transforming the way its 3,500+ employees work:


Conferences 💡

Check out the ETC 2018 shedule:

Nordic.js is setting standards in conferencing:

And RuhrJS as well:

Jobs / Hiring 💪🏻

Listening to 🎧

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