Week 39 of 2017

❤️.of(code) // 006

❤️.of(code) number 6 concludes an intense week in Portland, with a lot of Craft Beer, Burgers. Check out my flickr later for more pictures from that trip.

Tech 🚀

Gitte talks about the Imposter Syndrome:

Great quote, highlighting some defects in our industry:


I have ordered a new book:

Press t on GitHub to launch the auto-complete file search:

JavaScript 🛠

I did not expect this!

Basics, but important to get right:

You can now start adding checksum verification to your JS scripts:

Diversity 🌈

Sad to see that these dudes are getting a big stage to broadcast their stupid claims:

I know it's true, so here is what I do:

Culture ✌️

We have softdrinks is a sorry excuse and totally misses the point:

Conferences 💡

Jobs / Hiring 💪🏻

Listening to 🎧

This was a week full of team interaction so there was no occasion for going into the zone.

But the Foo Fighters Car Pool Karaoke Episode just came out.

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