Week 41 of 2017

❤️.of(code) // 009

It's now autumn here in Trondheim, bringing beautiful colors to, as you can see in the picture above.

Jobs / Hiring 💪🏻

Let's start with this one first: we are hiring for two roles to join the team I am working in (and on nRFCloud.com. The first role is an experienced backend developer to join the half of the team that works from the Portland office (check out the pictures from my recent trip there.

We are also hiring a senior-ish frontend developer for Trondheim, more details coming soon!

I have never worked in a more diverse team than here at Nordic Semiconductor, so please apply!

If you won't move to Trondheim, maybe this one is for you:

And if you are looking for a remote JavaScript job:

Tech 🚀

Bash is the best functional programming language:

JavaScript 🛠

Node.js is a first class citizen in V8:

Let husky automate stuff for you:

More security features for npm:

Diversity 🌈

Very simplified, but powerful:

When hiring, read this:

Culture ✌️

You know the difference between working manager and managing managers? I do.

You can't just copy&paste culture:

Conferences 💡

It's great to see that there are tech conference organized by women:

A little reminder, why you should come to codefreeze:

Listening to 🎧

and Long Ambient by Moby.

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