Week 42 of 2017

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I talked about autumn last week, and this week the temperatures dropped below 0°C in the nights — but the rain stopped and we are having a series of beautiful and sunny days this week.

Jobs / Hiring 💪🏻

This week I'm happy to share the seconde position we are hiring for the nRFCloud.com team. We are looking for an experience frontend developer to join us here in Trondheim (Nordic is offering a relocation package!). For an impression of what Trondheim has to offer, check out my flicker, I'll write up a post about my experience moving here so far in the next week.

More information on nRFCloud after this click:

Tech 🚀

There is a new project by betterplace: demokratie.io, funding projects that imrove democracy.

Bootstrap v4 Beta 2 has been (release):

I've just updated my blog to Beta 1 last week, so time to look at it again ...

And I wonder if Bootstrap v5 will strip out its own grid implementation in flexbox to use the CSS Grid which is now available in all evergreen browsers:

Check out what is possible with CSS Grid in this example:

Samsung wants to appeal more to developers:

When knee-deep in HTML, check out this list and especially the tools in each section, which will help you to ensure you are covered:

MDN will get even better (I use it all the time when pointing students to specs):

Great guide by Raimo Radczewski about wht makes a great README:

JavaScript 🛠

At least once a day I think: JavaScript has to die.

This could be interesting if you need to leverage multiple cores in one Node process:

Robin Wieruch has released an update to his Road To Learn React book, which is a great introduction to React. You can read it for free!

Diversity 🌈

This whole thread by Sallyann Freudenberg is a must read for event organizers:

This thread by Sarah Mei discusses the misconception that passionate developers is something to look for:

Culture ✌️

This weeks big culture topic was #meetoo.

Conferences 💡

No time to go to a conference?

Listening to 🎧

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