collect project status updates asynchronously and distributed to speed up your sync meetings

I am happy to announce a side-project that I’ve been working on for a while, and which I have been using daily since its inception.

Use to track what you are working on, as it happens. It may be small updates, or big releases.

Status updates are associated with projects, which belong to organizations.

You can invite coworkers to the projects you are working on. They then can also add their own status to the project.

Team members can see status, and add reactions. They are an important tool to share praise 🌟, but also prepare the next sync meeting. Status can be marked as significant 🚀, so they will be highlighted in the next sync. Or a status can be marked as a question 🙋 so they can be discussed during the sync.

And when it's time for a sync meeting with your collaborators, you create a new sync which collects all the status updates from the projects your meeting is about, from all the collaborators and a time frame you can specify.

This way you do not have to remember all the big and small things that happened since your last sync with this team; or the other group of stakeholders you only meet every other week.

And since you can share what happened in advance, you can spend your time during the meeting to discuss the highlights and the open question which ensures that everyone's time is used most efficiently.

This project is in an early stage and I am interested to hear your feedback, especially whether this is a tool you would use yourself. As a thank you for your input you’ll be able to keep using the tool without charge with all paid features, if and when this turns into a paid service.

I’ve created a self-guided onboarding flow which will guide you through the features, so just head over to to sign up. I’m happy to receive your feedback on a channel that you prefer, but I want to dog-food it, so please use the $teamstatus#feedback project for your feedback.