A tech conference in Malaga

J On The Beach 2018

End of May I had the opportunity to fly to Malaga in Spain and speak at J on the Beach.

This was one of the most exciting conference experiences for me. The conference took place in a historic bath house, which had been turned into a event location. It was perfectly equipped with air-conditioned rooms featuring sound-systems, beamers and cinema-chairs, a great, green outdir area and-as the name implies-is directly located at the beach in Malaga. I could not resist to use the opportunity to take a swim in the (still cold) sea!

The attendees and also speaker linup was very diverse: out of 56 speakers, 20 were women (36%). It was fantastic to see that the organizers effort to attract speakers from underrepresented groups paid off.

Although this conference started as a Java conference, this was hardly noticable. I enjoyed many great talks and also my own talk (the one about IoT and JavaScript) was very well received, I had a full room and received great feedback.

I can highly recommend this conference and will definetly come back, not only because there is a direct flight from Trondheim to Malaga, but because I'd like to spend more time in this beautiful city.

You can check out my pictures from this trip on flickr.