Leaving dotHIV and looking for a new team

Over 1,500 working hours will have been logged to my time-tracking tool when I push the last commit to our repository end of March 2015. Those 1,500 hours were in part the most fulfilling time I spent working I ever–or are you able to claim to be writing code for something that literally will save people's lives? So it comes with a little sadness that we won't be able to work on dotHIV how we used to …

This means: from April 1st 2015 I'm available to join a new team where I can craft software, my leadership skills to the organization and my wit to the daily stand-up.

I used to work as a freelancer, but having been part of an amazing team provides something that is missing if you are a keyboard for hire: relationships and colleagues–which is equally important to me as being able to work remotely from a coworking space.

I'm looking to join a team as a lead-developer or CTO because I know that I can contribute more than S.O.L.I.D. code and software that is deployable everyday–even on fridays. I believe that there are better ways to work than building waterfall projects in open plan offices and I can help you transform not only the way you build software but how you talk to your clients.

I did join dotHIV last year because I wanted to build a project that has a purpose and serves a real need–not some made up first-world problem. This is still true and this is what I will ask you when we talk: Why does working at your company matter?

And while we are at it … these are some of the questions we'll talk about. They should give you feeling about what I am looking for in an employer:

  • Do you have defined your core values and mission statement?
  • Do you default to transparency?
  • Are the employees responsible for business critical decisions?
  • Do you do regular team events (OpenSpaces, Hackathons, Code Retreats)?
  • Do your employees have personal development goals and do you review them on a regular basis?
  • Do you have a mentorship / sponsor program?
  • Do you do estimates for waterfall projects?
  • Can I choose my own hardware?
  • Do you have unlimited vacation days?
  • How large is the conference budget for employees?
  • Do you default to remote work?
  • Do you support contributions to open source software?
  • Can you deploy on a daily basis?

Learn more about me at these sites and if you think I could be a match for your team, talk to me.