Relocation to Norway

Moving to Trondheim? Hire expat Mid-Norway!

It has been a year since I started to work for Nordic Semiconductor in Trondheim, and expat Mid-Norway has been part of my journey here right from the beginning. When Nordic Semiconductor flew me to Trondheim for the in-person interview, I met with Ellen for the first time. I remember vividly how she answered all the questions I had regarding immigrating to Norway and gave me the confidence that there would be someone which would take care of all the important and annoying tasks. This was an important factor why I finally decided to take the job offer. And it turned out to be absolutely true. Ellen and her team were meticulously planning the immigration, the move, helped with finding a very nice flat according to our wishes and made sure that moving to Norway was a smooth experience so that we could settle as fast as possible. At no time did I encounter surprises. It was the first immigration for us and I would do it again with Ellen and her team—even if I had to pay for it on my own, the money is very well spent. Because now in her 10th year, Ellen knows that logistics are just one part of what is needed to make a move to a foreign country a success.

What I especially enjoy is the continued support expat Mid-Norway offers after the move: information meetings on healthcare, taxes and pension on the one hand and the Norwegian language course and conversation group offer very valuable support to integrate better into the Norwegian society. There are also more information occasions every week, like hiking trips, board game nights, fishing excursions, knitting, which provide a great opportunity to get to know many of the other expats in Trondheim - you are part of a network from day one, which is very important since you are leaving your old network behind. With this support you are not feeling “alone” in Trondheim and you can also more easily get to know people outside of your workplace.

I am now also on the other side of this experience: since I am hiring for Nordic Semiconductor it gives me great confidence to have expat Mid-Norway as part of our offering. I know that we are not only offering a job in a world class team of engineers, but our support for relocating new employees and their families to Trondheim has the same standard: world class and with the fanatical commitment to make a relocation a lasting success.