Office hours

In the last two years I’ve dived into the Rhein-Main startup scene working for startups and foremost trying to build a solid foundation that enables startups to grow. An important part of this foundation is a network of people you can trust and who can give you unbiased advice without a hidden agenda. Those are hard to find even if I think giving advice can be a lot a fun-which I had at last year's Startup Weekend Rhein-Main.

Even if I believe that Rhein-Main neither can nor should follow Berlin's lead in terms of Startups I do want to see disruptive, innovative and creative tech-startups in the area, because those will shape the Rhein-Main area and be built by people I want to work with in the future …

That's why I'll offer free bimonthly office hours either on Google Hangout or at the Coworking Space Die Zentrale in Frankfurt Bornheim Mitte starting January 2015. Talk to me about technology, building software, managing teams or your organization, whether you have a vague idea or a specific problem. And if I can't help you I'll probably know someone who does.

Email me at [email protected] with a short intro and a link to your LinkedIn or XING profile and pick a free slot and I'll get back to you to confirm our meeting.

  1. Thursday, Jan 22nd 2015: taken (How to write a CTO job posting)
  2. Thursday, Feb 5th 2015, taken (App-Feedback for talkREAL)
  3. Thursday, Mar 5th 2015, 1pm-2pm: (Backup your business: Advice for non-technical co-founders)
  4. Thursday, Mar 19th 2015, 1pm-2pm: (BASISREBELL)

There are no strings attached.

Update March 22nd 2015: I've discontinued the office hours. Learn why, here.