Prototyping products for the Internet of Things using JavaScript

My 2018 conference talk focused on how to prototype for the Internet of Things using the language we all love: JavaScript.

In this talk I explain why the Internet of Things, or in short IoT, is a very exciting field how we as engineers can start to explore this space with its very own restrictions and challenges. Because today we can no longer focus only on technical solutions but need to be able to develop connected experiences for our clients—they are not able to innovate on their own any more and depend on the expertise of consultancies and contractors.

A part that did not make it into the 45 minutes I had at code.talks was a look at the protocol that will power the next generation of connected devices: MQTT a lightweight pub/sub protocol which has some significant improvements over HTTP. You will find the slides in the talk and it is am important part to explore when starting to look into this topic.

Here is the recording:

Watch on YouTube

And here are the Slides. I brought a demo application to the conferences which I have published on GitHub and it runs on an Espruino Wifi.

Happy connecting!