A list of my talks

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I am a coder, help me learn to collaborate!

This is an upcoming talk that I am currently preparing. It's basically this Twitter thread as a conference talk.


This talk is a wake up call and should inspire other developers like me, to start looking into improving their communication and collaboration skills. I want to show the fallacy of aiming to be a fantastic coder and provide concrete examples and resources on how to start.


In order to truly build great products we always depend on collaboration with others. However, as engineers we spend a lot of resources on becoming better at tech. We book courses, go to conferences, etc. I rarely see engineers applying the same discipline to learn how to collaborate. But collaboration is the only way we can make up for our own limitations. Collaboration between humans however comes with a cost, communication is messy, cultures are different. I always say that I’d love to have more software problems, because they are easy to fix. But people problems is what I have to deal with. And in the past I invested very few time in educating myself on collaboration and communication. I want us to change this.

Main takeaways

You will always lack important skills to realize the best work you have ever done. It’s impossible to achieve greatness solely on your own. You will always depend on other to work with you and the more experienced you are the more other depend on you enabling them to achieve their best. Therefore we must invest equally in our collaboration and communication skills.


It does not run on my machine: Integration testing a cloud-native application

In this talk I will take you through the challenge of testing a cloud-native application. I will cover the challenges when developing solutions on top of serverless components which you cannot run on your own machine and how I designed a BDD driven approach to run the integration tests.


About: Call for Papers

Lightning talk about how conference call for papers work.

Slides, Video


Prototyping products for the Internet of Things using JavaScript

In 2018 we will see a big change in the IoT landscape: based on LTE-m devices can connect to the internet over long distances and will be running off batteries for years. Learn about the principles and protocols involved and how to leverage JavaScript down to the hardware to build your own solution.

Blog post · Slides · Video

What is the best backend language

Panel at code.talks Hamburg.

Blog post · Video

  • code.talks 📅 October 19th 2018 🇩🇪 Hamburg


Motivating developers with purposeful work

I work at a company where we decide on our own, when how and on what we work; I have full control over my life. We believe that working in a so-called network organization, without central leadership, is the only sensible and sustainable way to run a business. But what does that mean for managers if you no longer can assign work to your team? New skills are required and in this talk I want to give a glimpse into the future of tech-leadership and what is need from you to build a joyful workplace for team.

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TDD vs. Velocity: Testing for start-ups and other organizations with fast innovation cycles

These days, when every new project is a start-up, we need to run software that is both robust (because there are customers already using it) and open for change (because we are constantly adding new features). This provides a challenge for applying TDD.


5 years CTOing: sharing the good and the bad

Sharing my experiences working for 5 years as the CTO for DeinBus.de, dotHIV, Fintura, and Resourceful Humans.


Tools + Tipps für Freelancer und Selbständige


There is no half-remote team

Having remotes on the team enables you to hire for talent and not for availability. From my recent positions I learned that it is critical to encode remote work in every team members work habits-even if they are working on location. This talk highlights the issues that arise when teams or not co-located and how to deal with them.

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German version: Slides · Video

Automating library releases and dependency management in JavaScript

This talk will walk through all the packages and services necessary to automate dependency management in your JavaScript project. Added bonus: you will lear how to automate the release of your libraries, too!


Keynote: Wie man ein Top-Down Unternehmen in eine Netzwerk-Organisation wandelt (German)

This talk dives into the Resourceful Human way of transforming a hierarchical organization of followers into a network of entrepreneurs.


Introducing: Prototype Fund

This talk introduces the Prototype Fund, the incubator for open source and civic hacking projects by betterplace lab, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland


Was Startups von Konzernen lernen können (German)

This talk summarizes some of the aspects that big corporations can learn from startups.

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Webmontag Frankfurt 📅 2. May 2016 🇩🇪 Frankfurt

ART Expert Talk: Agil Arbeiten in verteilten Teams (German)

Insights into how distributed teams can work effectively.


Node.js / CQRS / ES / Redis app architecture showcase

Session at unKonf Mannheim about an architecture built on top of event-source (ES/CQRS) using Node.js and Redis.

Using make in frontend projects

Session at unKonf Mannheim about why you don't need Gulp or Grunt.



Code is not poetry

A (very opinionated) talk about why software developers are merely glorified plumbers.

German version: Slides · Video

Software Development Process at Fintura

How we build software at Fintura.


Tech Stack at Fintura

How we run software at Fintura.



Trello (German)

A talk about the best project management software on the planet.

Slides · Video

#futureofwork in the wild (German)

A talk about great examples of non-traditional organization concepts.


dotHIV (German)

Introducing the dotHIV initiative.

Slides · Video

.riesengeschäft und .geldmacherei? (German)

Wie der @dotHIV e.V. den #newgTLDs ihre Daseinsberechtigung gibt



Cloud Worker (German)


Mein Traum - Mein Startup (German)


Warum Offenbach einen Webmontag braucht (German)

Slides · Video

#ugrm – UserGroups RheinMain. Ein Überblick über die Szene (German)

An overview over tech tech meetup scene in the RheinMain region.



Coworking Szene RheinMain (German)

Highlighting the coworking initiatives in the region.


RESTful APIs mit Django (German)

How to build RESTful APIs using the Python-based Django framework.