The magic of Socrates Conference

It's the fifth installement of the yearly conference centered around the idea that software developement is a craft and if you consider yourself to be a software developer you would be doing yourself and your peers a favour if you constantly improve yourself.

The Socrates Conference creates through contribution of every participant an environment where you can let yourself wander around in over a hundred sessions with topics ranging from technical topics like domain driven design, software testing or functional programming to team building, hiring, meditation and board games. Every single item on the session board is proposed and hosted by the participants — there is no sponsored track, no product show or hackathon. You'll get absorbed in a flood of new ideas, fascinating concepts and compelling questions and you leave with you head buzzing and the warm feeling that we as an industry are not solely made of people that hunt the next big thing and compromise their personal freedom, their health and their empathy.

#socrates15 attendees also want to get rich: rich in ideas, options and connections — this is for me an important part in becomming a better software developer. Please join us next year!