interaction-free space is required

Your agile practice is a Dementor

Here is something for you #agile practitioners to do in 2018:

Can we have space for people whose energy is drained by all the interaction that is promoted in all agile methods?

In case you haven't noticed: everything focuses on human interaction and all material focuses on how to "design" human interaction so that it yields results.

What I don't see in books, articles, vides is a strong reminder that many will have their energy drained by constant interaction.

Of course, there is an implicit space between activities which some people will actively use to retract and recharge.

But not everybody can muster the courage to actively do so, if the environment we as agile coaches and trainers are presenting the ideal does not mention "alone-time"; they will see their need to have solitude as something unfavorable.

It is not!

Please mention this in your training material, books and videos.