On Code of Conducts

We had an interesting discussion at SoCraCan about whether we should allow people to attend the event, if they had behaved in a way that violates the event’s Code of Conduct outside of the event. What if that person “behaves” during the event? Wouldn’t it be unfair towards them to exclude them? Maybe they have changed?

To me there is only one clear action that an organiser can take: do not allow a person to join your event if they have shown behaviour that would harm the safety of any participant. Otherwise, allow people to enter your space that otherwise would create harm to others. Event though this would be technically outside of your event’s space, it nevertheless does not create a safe space for all participants according to your Code of Conduct.

There simply is no separation between “outside” and “inside” behaviour when it comes to harassment and toxicity. You, as an organiser, owe it to your participants to do everything possible to prevent harm from being created. Trusting the harasser on that is not a smart move.